"Il nuovo giorno deve iniziare con un sorrriso, un abbraccio e una buona colazione"

At Marta Guest House, a cheery start to the day includes an abundant and appetizing breakfast: a unique experience with a few surprises awaits you each morning!A steaming cup of espresso coffee brewed in the traditional moka pot will ease you into the day after a night of restorative sleep.

I personally prepare a savory buffet daily, based exclusively on quality local products: cold cuts and cheeses of various types are accompanied by fresh fruit and seasonal vegetablesMy homemade sweets (pies, cakes and tarts) are offered along with jams, jellies and marmalades (the strawberry, orange, and fig and nut varieties are the most appreciated –especially the latter!)

I delight in whipping up omelets with vegetables and fine herbs for you. My savory pies (torte salate) and flat bread made with olive oil and herbs (focaccia) convey my thirst for novelty/creativity.At times, I prepare very simple traditional dishes, based

on staples of the finest quality such as bread, potatoes, tomatoes and eggs. Combined with the family ambiance of Marta Guest House, these time-honored “classics” make for memorable moments.Day after day, I truly enjoy having my guests wonder what I’ll come up with for breakfast!

The breakfast concept I have adopted differs from what’s typical in Italy: I believe a range of hearty and enjoyable options sets you up for a great day of touring and exploration / discovery! I eagerly await the opportunity to tell you more –come visit!



To ensure you a pleasurable breakfast experience, I use gluten-free recipes and care, precision and thoroughness to reduce the risk of gluten contamination.

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